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From traditional to new school, our tattoo ability knows no bounds.

From traditional to new school, our tattoo and piercing ability knows no bounds.

Bone Deep Tattoo is a full-service tattoo and piercing parlor. Our artists work with you to create a design you are happy with and that represents who you are. First-timers won't feel embarrassed or intimidated here because everyone gets the same excellent service.

The same goes for piercings. Whether you already have several or are getting pierced for the first time, you'll be glad you came to us. We have a varied assortment of starter studs as well as jewelry to wear once your new piercings have healed.

Meet Our Artists

The Right Artist = The Right Tattoo

Because tattoo and piercing styles and tastes vary, we have a full team of artists ready to create a tattoo and piercing that perfectly reflects your exact desires. Check out our team of professional tattoo and piercing artists below:

Tattoo Artists


Jared has been Tattooing in Camarillo for the last 10 years and is proficient in all styles of tattooing. You name it, American traditional, Japanese traditional, fine line black and grey, ornate designs and everything in between with an emphasis on American and neo traditional tattooing. He's willing to take on any size project, there's none to large or to small.


Hi, my name is Iggy and I started tattooing in 2009 after a year and a half apprenticeship. I have been fortunate enough to tattoo in Copenhagen, Ireland, Mexico, and around many shops in the United States. I consider myself a well-rounded tattoo artist, but most enjoy fine line black and gray and custom lettering. I try my absolute best during every tattoo and always strive to improve my techniques. I devote more than enough time for every appointment so we can not only thoroughly perfect your design vision, I can execute the design to the highest standard, and we can also build a mutual trust so you always feel comfortable coming back.


Hello my name is AJ Grzybowski. I was born and raised in Ventura. I have been working at Bone Deep Tattoos in Camarillo for almost 10 years. In those 10 years, I’ve been to many different conventions, different states and still only 1 shop. I love American traditional and lettering. I’ve taken awards in both. 1st place lettering, 2nd place lettering, 1st place traditional. I also love traditional Japanese and black and grey. Please feel free to come into the shop and check out the environment and ask any questions you have.


Fine artist Gigi Lyn, comes from a long lineage of professional artists, including welders, sculptors, illustrators and painters. Due to this exposure, Gigi Lyn has worked in different media’s from an unusually young age. She began illustrating by age 3, painting at 4, sculpting at 14, and welding by 17. Her artworks awarded her multiple awards throughout her teens, including perfect scores on her fine art portfolios in high school, landing her to pursue a bachelors degree for fine art at Cal State Channel Islands. Over recent years Gigi Lyn’s interest have shifted to include a passion for the tattoo industry. She has been an apprentice at Bone Deep Tattoos in Camarillo, CA since she turned 18. Recently she has graduated from apprentice to full time Tattoo Artist. Gigi Lyn does not specialize in any specific style of tattooing to keep a well rounded range of styles for all her clients. Gigi Lyn is so incredibly excited and enthusiastic about this form of creativity and the ability to create permanent works of art for her clients.

Piercing Artists


Hi my name is Ashley McElvy and piercings have interested me as long as I can remember! I started learning as much as I could and the minute I turned 18 I started an apprenticeship and have been piercing ever since! Now after years of piercing, i love it even more. I plan to attend the Association of Professional Piercers (APP) Conference and use that knowledge to provide a safe, comfortable and fun experience possible including implant grade jewelry and aseptic technique. I have a passion for making people sparkle and continuing to help them express themselves!


Hi my name is Dakota Hardin and I am a certified professional body piercer at Bone Deep Tattoos, I’ve always loved piercings since I was a little girl, My Dad has owned several Tattoo and Piercing shops so I have grown up in this industry, I love decorating and curating ears and always make sure the customer leaves happy and loves their new piercing. I always check every clients anatomy before doing any piercings to make sure it is suitable for the piercing before hand. Reach out to me and I’d love to help you decorate your ears/body.


Hello, I am Jasmine Celestine and I have been working full time as the piercer at Bone Deep Tattoos for almost 5 years. I strive to learn as much as I can about body anatomy, safe piercing, and how to make your experience the least painful, most enjoyable possible. I have pierced everyone from 4 month old infants to 99 year old women. I am planning on attending the Association of Professional Piercing (APP) convention this year in Las Vegas, Nevada and will be bringing back to Bone Deep all of the latest and greatest in implant grade body jewelry, state-of-the-art equipment, ground breaking new techniques, and all the latest trends in piercings!



I am the owner and founder of Bone Deep Tattoos I first opened February 19, 2004 I did not want to be a typical tattoo and piercing shop I wanted to have a friendly comfortable atmosphere where you get greeted when you enter the shop no matter how busy we are. My goal was to make everybody’s experience as comfortable as possible in a family friendly environment.

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We get a lot of phone calls and emails about general tattoo and piercing inquiries, so feel free to contact us at 805-388-1444 with any questions. Here’s a few that we hear the most:

Tattoo care

For specific tattoo and piercing inquiries, please call us at 805-388-1444 or come visit us in the shop!

Piercing care

For specific tattoo and piercing inquiries, please call us at 805-388-1444 or come visit us in the shop!

How to prep for a Tattoo

For specific tattoo and piercing inquiries, please call us at 805-388-1444 or come visit us in the shop!

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We offer 24Hrs Emergency Services

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